Why Step of Faith?

Step of Faith Christian Academy exists to inspire students to become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

Why enroll your children in Step of Faith?

  • Biblical worldview paired with superior academics. SFCA uses textbooks and curricula developed by Bob Jones University Press. We believe their commitment to presenting content from Christian worldview coupled with academic rigor is unsurpassed. Of course, textbooks alone are not enough; it is our experienced Christian teachers that engage students in active learning through hands on projects, creative problem solving and classroom discussions.
  • krey-lee-prayChrist-centered relationships. The faculty and staff of SFCA are each committed followers of Jesus Christ. More than anything else, we desire to teach and model the Truths of Scripture to your child as we go about the business of school. We believe that as we serve you–the family–we are living out our service to God. Our Biblical worldview permeates all we do here on campus, not just the academics in the classroom. It occurs when showing kindness (and forgiveness) in the hallways, sharing hospitality during lunch, growing stronger during recess, PE and athletic competition or developing talent during art and music class, we desire Christ to be honored and exalted.
  • Whole family focus. Families have many available options when it comes to whom they will trust for schooling of their children. SFCA takes very seriously the responsibility granted to us when a family chooses to partner with us. We recognize that each child is designed by our Creator God with unique talents and gifts. We work with families to help every student achieve his or her God-given potential. Teachers and staff at SFCA are dedicated to living out the fruit of the Spirit as they interact with each child, each day. We desire your student–and your family– to grow closer to Christ because you have been a part of the Step of Faith family.
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